Imagine your life for a moment...

A life where being who you are is embraced and celebrated. A life free of barriers, where differences are honored, and we are open to freely express our God-given gifts.
If you have been waiting for an opportunity to rise up and break through the shackles, you won't want to miss this unforgettable event.

At Breaking Barriers Women's Conference, you will meet real women following their dreams and fulfilling their ambitions. Discover that not only is it possible to live authentically, but it's even possible to thrive and to flourish in a world that isn't always compassionate or fair.

You will join an inclusive international community where barriers disappear, and labels have no meaning. Experience the triumphant stories of women who crashed through their own glass ceiling, kicked down the walls, and emerged fully engaged with life. There is a profound peace and confidence that accompanies this kind of transformation.

At Breaking Barriers, you will find a warm community of like-minded women—an empowering space for women to come together and shine through shared experiences. Enjoy inspirational keynotes, open sharing, and an opportunity to connect with some incredible women.


Founder & CEO

SHERI HUNTER, Daring to Live

CEO & Author

claire harbour

Coach, Author, Expert

angenette frink, The Law Offices of A.M. Frink Pllc

Founder and Principal Member

madelyn mackie

Career Activator

Tabia african american theater

Theater Ensemble

Hon. Shelyna Brown

Superior Court Judge

kendra carr

Chief Program Officer

Tanya Fitzgerald

Recording Artist

Kathra Saba

Entrepreneur and Innovator

latanya hilton



CEO, Leading in Motion

Cindy chavez

President of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors


"What do you do when your waiting on the next project?
If you’re me, you launch a global women’s conference!
Early in February, I asked several women, “What are you doing for #internationalwomensday2021?”
Not one of them had plans or knew of anything going on. My wheels started to turn, I talked with a couple of friends and #breakingbarriers was born" 
says Pastor Alicia.

Alicia is a highly dedicated, innovative, and goal-driven, Alicia Partee is a spearheading, leader whose underlying mission is to break down barriers, build bridges and encourage others to live out their lives authentically. After living in Norway for seven years, advancing balanced leadership as president of Professional Women Network Norway, Alicia has returned to San Jose and is now Executive Pastor at Maranatha Christian Center and a Clinical Therapist at Two Chairs.  


About Us

Maranatha Christian Center is a place where people can meet Jesus,  engage in life-giving community, and everyone is welcome. We believe in creating a space where people can have authentic encounters with Christ, discover their gifts and use them for God's glory.